How to contribute source code to Ostinato

If you would like to contribute source code changes (fixes, new features etc.) to Ostinato, you can send a patch or fork the project on GitHub and send a pull request

Submit a patch

  • Use only for small changes, for larger submissions use a Fork 'n Pull
  • Use your judgement to classify 'small' or 'large'
  • Patch should be generated using git diff
  • Patch should be sent to the Ostinato mailing list

Fork 'n Pull

If you intend (or see a good chance) to contribute source code more often than just a one-off thing, using a project fork for your regular development is highly recommended as it encourages an open development culture.

Contribution Licensing

Ostinato follows a "inbound = outbound" licensing policy with respective to all code contributions to the project.

What this means is that any code contribution by a contributor to the project (the inbound) via any of the above means is automatically assumed to be licensed for use by the project under the same license as the project's license (the outbound) as on the date of the submission just by virtue of the act of submitting the contribution.

Currently the outbound license used by the project is GPLv3 or later.

All contributed code remains the copyright of the author/contributor.

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